Gold Program Level

A school that achieves GOLD LEVEL in the SEP program will meet the following criteria:

  • Complete Ohio’s K12 Prevention Self Assessment for the building (results from this assessment from the previous school year may be used)
  • Implement a building level needs survey . Examples include a culture and climate survey for students, parents, or staff or an SEL survey such as the Panorama survey.
  • Implement three strategies or programs for students that reach 75% of the student body
  • Implement three parent/guardian strategies or programs that reach 30% of the parent/guardian population (Parent population will be calculated on a one-to-one ratio with the student population. Ex; 1500 students will be counted as 1500 parents/guardians)
  • Implement three strategies or programs for staff members that reach 75% of the staff
  • Implement one student-risk screener that reaches 50% of the student body
  • Implement two peer-to peer engagement programs or strategies.
  • Examine and revise one school policy/procedure related to either student substance, alcohol, or tobacco use; student discipline; staff prevention programming professional development; or drug-free workplace. Examples may include revisiting the student alcohol use policy and revising the policy to provide prevention programming for students in lieu of suspension, or mandating opioid training for coaches and athletes.
  • Participate in an SEP approved, prevention or student mental/behavioral health related community partnership
  • The person who is coordinating Schools of Excellence in Prevention in the building must take the 1 hour MCESC Prevention Science training.
  • Implement a Level II Strategic Plan (see example for details)

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